Awaken the Sleeper

A strange dream has visited the sleep of a wielder lately. In it, a soft voice beckoned the wielder across the empty desert and whispered ancient secrets of how to wield Essence.
Chance of happening10%
Event Chain Name
Event RecipientWill be of advantage to <span class=\"highlight\">Wielder With Least Army Value</span>
This random event occured because ANY of the following requirements were true:
* You own at least 1 Order Spire
* You own at least 1 Chaos Spire
* You own at least 1 Creation Spire
* You own at least 1 Destruction Spire
* You own at least 1 Arcana Spire
Essence Surge
+1 Order Essence
+1 Chaos Essence
+1 Creation Essence
+1 Destruction Essence
+1 Arcana Essence