Steel Blades

The Tinkerers have discovered a new method of working steel. This new method creates lighter blades that hold their edge longer. The Sassanids are even more effective now.
Chance of happening7%
Event Chain NameTinkerers
Event RecipientWill be of advantage to <span class=\"highlight\">Wielder With Specific Troop</span> who is accompanied by Sassanids
This random event occured because ALL of the following requirements were true:
* Recipient (CommanderWithSpecificTroop) owns 10 troops or more from faction Barya with index Poachers
* Recipient (CommanderWithSpecificTroop) owns 5 troops or more from faction Barya with index Militia
* The current round was greater than or equal to 10
Aggressive Approach
+2 Melee Offence
+2 Ranged Offence
+1 Initiative